Course Schedule

*Elective Class

January 15
What are the characteristics of leaders?  What is the relationship between behavioral styles and leadership styles?  What are participant’s visions and how will they lead and influence in the future? The dynamics of leadership is presented by Dr. Dale Marsden, Superintendent - San Bernardino City Unified School District in a highly interactive session through class discussion, survey instruments, video presentations, and group activity.

“This class has taught me so much about myself, my style and my vision. Exceeded my expectations! Very inspiring!" – Michelle Patterson, Southwest Gas Corporation

Media & Public Relations*
February 7
This session will equip participants with the skills necessary to interact with reporters, develop your company’s message, conduct media interviews, develop press releases that get printed, and pitch stories to media outlets.  Real-time camera interview exercises will better prepare students to respond to the media in the event of a crisis. Public speaking tips and techniques will be covered, as well as, the art of blogging and social media do’s and dont's.

“This was a valuable lesson in communication and skills required in today’s business environment. This program is doing and excellent job preparing the future leaders of the Victor Valley.” – Bo Goulet, Shear Realty

February 22
School boards face many issues ranging from setting educational policy to finances.  Hear about these issues from a panel of school professionals from the elementary districts to the high school districts.  This session also provides information on charter schools, the future of education, programs our schools offer, and why education is imperative to building strong leaders of tomorrow.

“I learned about the collaboration between different educational entities in the High De3sert and how they can work together to benefit our students and community as a whole.” – Bryan Gillespie, Options for Youth

Access Government
March 7
In this session, participants will gain a better understanding of the CA budget process, forms of government, the planning commission process, an overview of county government, as well as, a transparent and up-close look at real issues facing local government. This class is facilitated by three city managers, the county
supervisor, and city council members.

“This class really gave me hope that I do have a voice in our community. It gave me the resources I needed in order to reach out and make a difference.” – Cynthia Kidd, San Joaquin Valley College

Human Relations & Diversity*
March 22
Bridging the gap and gaining insight into the Victor Valley’s diverse population and exploring bias and barriers to cultural proficiency through group exercises and discussion.  This session also delves into the differences between races/cultures while providing an enlightened look at stereotypes, discrimination, and how cultural proficiency is crucial in the workplace.  This engaging class is presented by Teresa Wagner, Riverside Unified School District Wellness Program.

“Learning how to be a courageous leader takes the ability to understand the diversity, the world, and embrace the unique difference in culture and the human race.” – Kevin Buchanan, First Step Recovery Center

Economic Development
April 11
Ever wondered what happens out at Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) since the closure of George Air Force Base?  This class focuses on the importance of continued economic development to stimulate the local economy by attracting new businesses, creating more jobs, and ultimately enhancing the quality of life in this region.  A behind-the-scenes bus tour of SCLA operations (not available to the general public) showcases the companies currently doing business at the former base and the opportunities for continued expansion.

“This class has opened my eyes to the economic opportunities of the city ranging from manufacturing, distribution, and logistics and the importance of intersectional relationships among industries. SCLA is truly an important component of the economic structure of Victorville.” – Roland Pilapil, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

Healthcare & Social Issues*
April 25
This class is presented by leaders in the healthcare profession here in the High Desert.  Topics include health care reform, social issues, synthetic drug abuse and availability, community health and wellness, and more.

“Helpful to learn about the ways our local healthcare providers are working on the community.”
– Kristi Sandberg, Victor Valley College Foundation

The Court System
May 10
Spend the day in a courtroom at the Victor Valley Courthouse and discover how the different components of the judicial system work, hear both sides of the prosecution and defense roles from the Supervising Deputy District Attorney and Chief Deputy Public Defender, learn about courthouse security, civil process, and warrants from San Bernardino County Sheriff deputies, tour the criminal and traffic operations office, and gain insight and practical information about serving jury duty.

“It is fascinating to see the resources available to those in need within our community. With every speaker, the compassion and dedication to helping others was clear. I am grateful to each of these professionals.”                   – Lisa Lamb, Lewis Center

Natural Resources*
May 22
What are the water needs in our arid desert community?  How do solar plants convert resources into usable energy?  What is wastewater reclamation?  What is alternative energy and why is it important? What infrastructure projects are in the works in the Victor Valley?  Learn the answers to these questions and more when leading industry gurus present a comprehensive look at the natural resources here in the High Desert and government regulations.

“Speakers were very knowledgeable and presented the material in a way that was understandable to those outside the industry.”
– Shelby Dill, Southwest Gas Corporation

Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice
June 6

The Leadership Victor Valley course concludes with the Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice class which is held by the San Bernardino Sheriffs at the Victorville Police Department. This eye-opening experience provides participants with an in-depth look at how our local police force and gang task forces operate and includes a tour inside of the Victorville Station. A wealth of information will be provided including an overview of the Sheriff’s Department, crime trends, retail/business theft, counterfeiting, and gang influx into the Victor Valley. Speakers include San Bernar4dino County Sheriff’s Department; Victorville Gang Unit Detail; and San Bernardino County Probation Department.

“I am more confident that local law enforcement is engaged and capable of securing my society.”
– Lathresia Ballou, City of Victorville